Manufacturers of ecological natural extracts : Phytoterapia S.L
Carrer de Ferran Puig, 58-60
08023 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel +34 93 284 10 12
Consell Catala de la Produccio Agraria Ecologica

Ecological products

At Phytoterapia S.L., we are specialized in the manufacture of all types of ecological products.
We are a laboratory certified by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production).


Our facilities allow us to manufacture a great variety of ecological products packaged in all kinds of containers from drinkable phials to capsules, syrup bottles, vials, etc.

All our products are manufactured under the strict rules of GMP and in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 22000/2005. Your ecological products will also be submitted to strict microbiological as well as physical-chemical quality controls.

Share your idea with us and together we can convert it into a feasible product.

Our ecological products are manufactured from raw materials that are subject to strict controls to ensure that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used during their cultivation.

At Phytoterapia S.L., we believe in the value of ecological raw materials for manufacturing ecological products of high quality. .

That is why we have striven for obtaining the CCPAE certificate that guarantees the high quality of all our ecological products.

Carrer de Ferran Puig, 58-60
08023 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel +34 93 284 10 12
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